Welcome to CoryMartinImaging.com

A high quality, professional level photograph of your knives, firearms and collectibles is almost a necessity in today's digital world.  Whether you're a collector, dealer, or maker, a high quality photograph is a great means of showcasing your product.

For collectors, to reminisce about previous pieces you've owned, (or to admire what you currently own) a great photograph can re-spark the emotional ties you had to it when you possessed it. 

For dealers, having a multitude of highly detailed images will help you sell the piece faster, and ensure your customers are getting exactly what they expect.

For makers, having a photographic record of your work is an absolute MUST to help document your career & legacy.  Having a catalogue of your previous work can help you to see where you've been, and where you'd like to go for the future. 

I have made about a dozen hand made knives myself, and I completely understand the amount of time and the attention to detail that's required to make a high quality custom knife.  With that knowledge, I do my best to ensure that each image does justice to represent the knife's true beauty and detail.  I take great pride in my work just like you do while making the knives. 

In this site you will find examples of my previous work as well as learn a little bit about my equipment, pricing structure and some of the success I've had with getting my work published in the knife books and magazines.  This site will continue to evolve as I do throughout my career.  Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I did while photographing it.

Cory Martin